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The Visma Enterprise Digital Marketing team aims to support all of our Business Units in their digital marketing efforts. We want to create the tools, and a platform for internationalisation of cloud services using best in class digital marketing with a clear focus on efficiency, continuous improvement and the customer journey.

Efficiency and impact!

Automation reduces the amount of non-value add work for your team so we tailor all we do to work seamlessly with both marketing automation and our community platform.
We take a before and after snapshot of what we do in a cycle of continuous improvement for maximum efficiency and effect. Our internal work process is designed according ISO 9001:2015.

Making Visma the natural choice!

The activities that we undertake should aim to create a fantastic interaction between our customers and Visma. These main 4 steps in the customer journey help guide us in the work that we do.

Getting this right means that we become the natural choice when our customers are looking for solutions for their business needs.

  1. Helping customers identify their need and showing how Visma can help
  2. Making it possible for the customer to test or buy the service online with only a few simple clicks
  3. laptop icon Helping get the customer onboarded and to start using the solution quickly and efficiently, with minimal internal resource
  4. Making getting help as easy as click of a button
Shane King photo

Shane King

Digital Marketing Manager
Drive lead creation and build brand

Linn Skulstad photo

Linn Skulstad

Digital Content Producer
Content creation to drive traffic and position

Jurijs Guralniks photo

Jurijs Guralniks

Digital Marketing Specialist
Website development, and a social media strategist

Jekabs Osins photo

Jekabs Osins

Digital Designer
Digital and print design

Ieva Ozolite photo

Ieva Ozolite

Digital Front-­end Developer
Responsive web design

Otari Kokojevs photo

Otari Kokojevs

Digital Video Producer
Increase conversions and fit customer demand

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  • Analytics & testing
  • Eloqua campaigns
  • Site optimization
  • Social Media
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Development & Design

  • Design concepts
  • Animations
  • Interactive modules
  • Demos
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Video creation

  • Promotional videos
  • Interview editing
  • Onboarding guides
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Content creation

  • Product messaging
  • Blog/whitepapers
  • Campaign material
  • Video scripts

For Visma Enterprise in Finland we created a simple to navigate suite presence on that had at its core a focus on 5 areas of Sourcing management. Continue reading

The goal was to portray Visma as the a key partner for professionals working within procurement. The graphical elements show typical users and usage situations together with animations to show the steps in procurement and video to keep text blocks to a minimum.

Customers in Sweden faced challenges in trying to find information and to understand how Expense works.Continue reading

By adding graphical elements that were easy to understand and an online demo customers were quickly able to see the benefits and simplicity of our offering.

These improvements to the page increased traffic to the page by 856 % in just 1 year between 2016 and 2017.

  1. Expense screenshot 1
  2. Expense screenshot 2
  3. Expense screenshot 3
  4. Expense screenshot 4

The Heimo brand previously had at character who was described as the "Chief of HR". This concept is also used within the solution meaning that the new Visma creative concept needed to reflect this. In Finnish Heimo also means tribe, clan and family. The new design plays with this idea and the tribal theme is used throughout in animations and the ROI calculator.

  1. heimo screenshot 1
  2. heimo screenshot 2
  3. heimo screenshot 3

For Saima HR we created, amongst other things, a price calculator where the customer is easily able to calculate the cost of the solution.Continue reading

What is great here is that in addition to a price for a standard configuration there is also the option to add up to 4 optional modules. The calculator then gives you price per month, per year and per person. This has the added benefit of showing customers that Saima HR is easy to use, inexpensive and a very modular SaaS service.

  1. Saima HR screenshot 1
  2. Saima HR screenshot 2
  3. Saima HR screenshot 3

Sound interesting?

Here is what some Visma Enterprise Marketing Managers had to say about us!
Laura Briviba photo

Laura Briviba

Marketing Manager,
Visma Enterprise SIA

Modern marketing involves a lot of different knowledge areas and it is impossible to master all of them by one person or small team. Therefore it is great that we can assign some tasks to people who are true professionals in what they are doing. It makes us much more effective.
Catarina Söderlund photo

Catarina Söderlund

Marketing Manager,
Visma Enterprise AB

We've greatly enjoyed working with Visma Enterprise Digital Team, because they have created a concept that suits our business needs, and resulted in the increase of traffic and prospects.
Bengt Lerpold photo

Bengt Lerpold

Marketing Manager,
Visma Unique AS

Our team really enjoyed cooperation with Visma Enterprise Digital Team, because the guys showed us not only they are capable of building modern web-pages, but also have taste in design and are very proactive, offering different approaches and solution.
Kirsi Vatanen photo

Kirsi Vatanen

Marketing Manager,
Visma Enterprise Finland

We have done a very fine job with Visma Enterprise Digital Marketing, and I recommend them to other Visma units! Versatile digital competence and fresh ideas.

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Shane King photo

Shane King

Digital Marketing Manager,
Visma Enterprise